How Employer’s Should Fire an Employee


I recently found myself in the backroom talking to the Owner’s about my shortcomings of not being able to meet their criteria. I knew about some things that were not on the up and up within the business.

After realizing my age and that I am unable to do what was being asked of me I was let go. No real warning other than everyone else knew but me. I have also learned that client’s even knew before I did.

Lack of professionalism can really affect a business. Word of Mouth is very important even more so than social media.

I also may add that my State Licenses to practice my craft were lost. I had 2 only 1 has been found and returned. It’s not the fact that they can be duplicated it’s the fact of not being on top of the paperwork! I never even made it to be hung on the wall with the others.

I am speaking out because I have been wondering “What happened to the pampering in a salon?” I know most of us want in and out but what about the “me time” factor. The salon use to be about being treated like a queen. Now all I see is the $$$ in people’s eyes. I don’t know maybe its just me but I like the person working on me not to make me a number and to interact with me.

This experience lead me to offer some suggestions when firing someone. Here is a great article I found as a guide for those needing a little direction.

I was good enough to come in whenever needed, run errands, take care of the painting, merchandising, answer the phone, greet people, inventory etc… but in the end I was too old and too slow. This really saddens me to think money is replacing quality work when servicing people. This is my 8th attempt at being in a salon. I decided maybe it’s time to hang it up and move into a new career path.

I do have a talk show but I pay for my own airtime and ask nothing from my guests at this time. I hope to take Business Connections out on the road in the future.

I hope you find the article as helpful as I did. I feel that by reading it helped me to know I did my best and this was no fault of my own.
Until next time! Have a great rest of the week.


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