Interview with Tribute Band The Floyd


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Interview with:   The Floyd —   Dean Rossi, Vince Gates & Lisa McCuiston

The Floyd Band

Hello Blogger friends. I have with me a tribute band that plays not only locally but regionally so be sure to stay tuned.  Biz Connections with Anita was created to connect Businesses with New Potential Customers in need of your product or services.  For example, Connecting Willow Bill to Loera’s Landscape.  Loera’s Landscape is volunteering to aid in the largest art project in Northern Nevada and it involves our kid’s artwork in the community.  Today I welcome The Floyd band I have in the studio Band members Dean Rossi, Vince Gates and Lisa McCuiston  I know my Blogger friends are excited to learn more about you!  Thanks for being here today!

The Floyd Response:  All: Thank you for having us

Anita: How did the band come up with its name and is there a meaning behind the name?

The Floyd Response:  Dean: Great question… It was I felt was important for it to be short easy to remember, have a direct connection with the name Pink Floyd and easy for people to see and read on a large sign marquee!  So folks would know instantly what it was!

Anita: Can you tell our Blogger friends what kind of style and sound your band has?

The Floyd Response:  Vince or Lisa:  Soulful, detailed and meticulous to the original Pink Floyd’s catalog, etc.

Anita: Where do you see the band in five years?

The Floyd Response:  Vince or Lisa: With luck doing what we’re doing now. We enjoy NOT having typical outside pressures of band growth… we have been fortunate not to have to answer to record companies, wealthy patrons etc.  Because of this we’re allowed to let this tribute to grow organically—that is, driven from our fans and no other external forces. We of course would always like to think that in five years we’ll be a better band musically!  Tighter and even more refined. That goal remains the same always.

Anita: can you tell our Blogger friends what achievements the band has received?

The Floyd Response:  Dean:  We were honored last year to receive a FOTRTE award here in our area. FORTE stands for Friends Of  Reno Tahoe Entrainment. It’s a great fundraising effort for local charities with a fancy Oscar/Grammy style black–tie Awards show at the Grand Sierra’s 4000-seat Theater. We won two awards: Best Tribute Band and Lisa here won Best Female vocalist. Both are honorable awards as we were up against some really great bands from the area. Lisa beat out 12 other nominees… and so just to be nominated was an honor.

Anita: If someone is interested in having your band play at their establishment how can they contact you?

The Floyd Response:  Vice or Lisa: hey can contact us through our website or find us on Facebook. We do occasionally do private events and have on coming up at the Atlantic in November.  We have even been asked to play at Burning Man numerous times.

Anita: The Floyd will be performing in Carson City on Oct 13th this Saturday at the Carson City Community Center. Be sure to catch em there!

Anita:  How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

The Floyd Response:  Lisa and Vince:

 I think we’re tighter, more evolved musically

Anita:  What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?  The Floyd Response:

 Dean: For me the biggest challenge has been developing the band into a SHOW. This includes fairly a elaborate stage presentation with lasers, lights video and even surround sound. There are a lot of bands in this area that simply play gig to gig—song to song.  Few have evolved to the point where audiences experience a total show with continuity and forethought to create a beginning, a middle and an end. Making this leap is very difficult. It takes vision and a lot of hard work—fortunately for us it’s allowed this band to break the 250-350 “friends ceiling”. This is what most area bands draw when they put on and promote their own shows. We through creating the show I mention have been able to break through this barrier with no opening acts and decent real-world ticket prices. I cant tell you how great it feels to have this pay off for us… of course having the Pink Floyd name and legacy doesn’t hurt either! 

Vice and Lisa: [Please feel free to chime in YOUR biggest challenge!]

Anita: What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

The Floyd Response:   Dean: Just go for it. Create a vision and execute it. Most of all find the BEST PEOPLE you can find to play music with and always put the music first… that’s worked well for the biggest bands in the world down to us doing regional and local shows. Finally don’t be discouraged by negative people or be swayed by outside opinions. I suggest to do your own thing and follow your vision. The rest will come. Also, as hard as it is, keep the create separate from the business. They don’t mix!

Anita: Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge?

The Floyd Response:  Yes! Vince and Lisa & Dean: Yes!  Dean will talk to the experienced and talented Floyd technical crew members that make the show special… also our local fans


Closing Comments:  Thanks so much to The Floyd for joining me today.  Blogger friends you got to get out an hear The Floyd.  Most of their shows sell out so make sure when you see their events you get tickets early!  me if you would like to be a guest on my show. To listen to the podcast go to the podcasts tab and select The Floyd. Great Show.  If you would like to email me here is that address  Don’t forget to Like me on FB @ afdesigns or business connections with Anita. Let’s get connected and get you on the air. Blogger friends you are the best part of my week. Everyone have an awesome day! 

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