Importance of Training & Personal Safety


Interview with Joel Durden from Lockwood Gun Training Importance of Training & Personal Safety

Joel  at Lockwood Gun Training has training available on “Don’t Be a Victim Class” The class is about 4 hours long and a fee of only $25.  This is a non firearm class that is packed with valuable information on how to prevent being the victim of a crime by being a harder target.. If you are interested please contact Joel @ 775-813-8130 or visit his website at

Recently, I found myself in such a similar situation.  It involved a robber in a store here locally.  Due to my prior training I believe it is what kept me safe.  Bottom line folks is this… Be aware, see the whole picture, remain calm and in my case I kept eye contact with other victims.  We all made it safely through the incident and because of courage of those involved there was no injuries and the robber was caught the next day. In today’s crazy world we must become more aware.  Go with your gut!

Anita:  Joel can you give my radio friends a little background on you?

Joel Response: I’m an Army Military Police Veteran and a prior Law Enforcement Officer having worked in the State of Nevada as a correctional officer.

Anita: Why are you so passionate about training folks in firearms and personal security?

Joel Response: I believe teaching others hot to protect themselves and their families makes community a safer place to live. Let’s face the facts, in general criminals like easier targets.

Anita: How is your training different from others in our area?

Joel Response: I think my prior training and experience gives me my edge over others, it gives me my passion to train others to the absolute best of my ability. It is said that if you find yourself in a fair fight your tactics suck, so learn all the tactics you can. This is why I strongly suggest that anyone looking to get firearms training, to interview the instructor and find out if they are the right instructor for you.  Do they have the background, training and life experience to provide the level of training the individual is looking for?

Anita: Let’s talk about the mindset of a criminal for a minute.  Criminal Predators have some of these characteristics:

Manipulative, Viewing niceness as a weakness, Constantly looking for criminal opportunities, overconfidence, demeaning their victims to increase their sense of self worth, blending in with the crowd so they do not appear threatening and look innocent. Criminal’s don’t think reasonably, rationally or responsibly.

Every situation involved with a criminal is unique. I believe this is because all environments bring to the table different situations like how many people are around, what is the criminal after, what weapons are present etc.

Anita: Joel what are some ways we can prepare ourselves against criminals?

Joel Response: Situational awareness is absolutely key in preventing crime, at home, work, in your car and on social media. The Refuse to be a Victim Seminar covers all of these areas and others.  The seminar points out east to use strategies everyone can employ. One example is by NOT keeping your registration and insurance card in your glovebox, these have your home address on them, so a criminal that breaks in your care in the parking lot at work NOW knows where you live and if you have a garage door opener in your car that can also be an easy in for the criminal.

Anita: What is meant by personal security?

Joel Response: In a nut shell, Situational Awareness and employing strategies to make yourself a harder target for criminals.

Anita: How can my Blogger friends secure their homes against intruders?

Joel Response: Keep your doors locked, reinforce points of entry, such as doors by replacing the ¾” screws holding the latch plates to 3” screws, this will strengthen the door making it a lot harder for someone to force the door open.  Surveillance Cameras, real or decoy cameras will deter criminals, they don’t want to get caught.

Anita: What if I am at a stoplight or sitting in my car somewhere checking my emails and missed calls how can we stay safe while in our cars?

Joel Response: Simply lock your doors once you’re in your vehicle. When you park, back in if possible, this allows you to drive off faster than having to back up if you are approached. Maintain a situational awareness.

Anita: What are some good personal devices people can carry with them?

Joel Response: The best personal device is the one you are familiar with and you can carry with confidence and use effectively. In Nevada, pepper spray and tasers are legal to carry, restrictions to apply from state to state so research what is acceptable in your State. For those that are inclined to do so, a firearm. People need to understand that using a firearm in a defensive situation is hugely different than going to a range and they need to have ongoing training than what a CCW class will teach them.

Anita: I am not sure about my radio friends but I know for myself I have a hard time staying alert every minute with all that happens in a day, not to mention all the things we have our minds on to pick up the kids, get to the store etc.. Do you have any suggestions to clear the clutter and stay Alert?

Joel Response: Situational awareness is a relaxed state of awareness, it doesn’t mean you have to constantly be looking around, it involves all your senses, including your “GUT” as you mentioned earlier, trust your gut!

Anita: What other types of training do you offer?

Joel Response: In addition to firearms and personal protection classes; I also teach basic and advanced reloading. I’m available for coaching sessions, as well as customized tailored classes designed to fit and individuals needs.

Anita: Where can folks sign up for your classes?

Joel Response: They can reach me directly at 775-813-8130, I also have a contact form on my website at or by going to

Anita: As I was preparing for today’s show I got to thinking about names of businesses and how a criminal may think they are easy prey. Joel do you think a business name can invite criminals? 

Joel Response: I think the type of business attracts criminals more than a name does.

Anita: Do you offer classes for kids?

Joel Response: The Eddie Eagle gun safe program is an excellent class for younger kids. The basics of the program is to teach kids to Stop, Don’t touch, leave the area and tell an adult. Education is the key to keeping kids safe around guns. Personally, when my kids were younger I never made guns taboo, that just makes kids more curious. I educated them on gun safety. Ultimately gun owners are responsible to keep their firearms secured in a manner that prevents unauthorized people from gaining access to them. However, I do make all my classes available to kids when their parents are attending the same course. My rule of thumb is 12 years of age and older. However, it is best left up to the parents judgment to determine if their child is old enough and responsible enough to attend any of my classes.

Most businesses run on passion hoping the money comes J at least I know from my experience.  I believe it comes from the heart and loving on people who purchase your products or services.  I have been fulfilled so many times just giving the passion in everything I do. Money to me is just a tool to use to get to where you want to be, but relationships built on trust, your passion and good customer service outlasts the money in many cases.  It’s ok to disagree with me, but until you know the whole story don’t judge me lol.

Anita: Joel is there anything else you would like my Blog friends to know about Lockwood Gun Training?

Joel Response: I wear all the hats at Lockwood Gun Training, as I’m a one man operation, so if they call and I’m not available to answer the phone, please leave a message or shoot me a text and I will get back to them as soon as I can.

Joel thank you so much for sharing your business with my Blogger friends today I know they have learned a lot from you today. I will be posting links on if you need any information about any of my interviewed guests be sure to check them out on my links page.

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