Business Cards and Networking


I was researching local business mixers and that got to me interested in making all the business cards I collect work in my business.  I found some great information on the internet as how to handle of the connections you have made.  Follow-up in my opinion is just like customer service, it’s vital in making connections and in doing so you get to learn about other businesses that you can connect with.

Here are some ideas to build relationships

Collect cards send a nice note via email or a handwritten note to them. It’s not about you! It’s about them.  You can use the business cards to connect with others that you clicked with.

I found an app that allows me to take a picture of business cards and store them in my phone. Evernote is the name of the app if you would like to make things a little easier.  It can be overwhelming at a networking event and this is a great way to keep contacts easy to get to.

Don’t just walk up to someone and hand them a business card. In person spamming is a turn off.  Make sure to personalize your note with something you discussed in person and how you would like to connect with them.  Remember you are there to learn about others.  Follow-up with those you clicked with and get to know them.  When you can connect others to new customers it’s a reflection of who you are.  In the long run and as relationships build soon you will be getting referrals from their businesses. You can hand them one of your business cards when the time is right and you will know when is the right time.

You can also shoot a picture of you with your new connection and hash tag it for the event you were at.  This is a great way to keep your social media accounts organized and a great way not only for others to find you but, also it helps you to remember the connection and where you met. It also allows you to keep from getting overwhelmed with friend requests that maybe you do not want on your personal page.

What are some creative ways you can think of to keep organized business cards from a networking event?  I want to hear your comments!

I hope this information helped you as much as it did me.  I know we are all excited about our businesses and want to get as many cards out there as possible but, I think it is just as important to put the time into those connections in hopes they want to learn more about me.

God Bless Everyone have a great day!

Anita L. Foster




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