I met with Vince Tolman who is also a CEO of Renoprintstore last week and we discussed ISAGENIX and how it’s changed Vince’s lifestyle after hearing what this product can do I was graciously given a sample to try. Vince is 74 and he said this product makes him feel like he is in his 50’s.  I have noticed weight loss and he is beaming with an inter glow that is amazing. No matter who you are or what you do everyone can find value in ISAGenix.

I promised I would give it a good try since I’m horrible at being a pill popper.  I started right away I took 2 capsules 2x a day.

In my experience the first day I started to feel what I can best describe as I felt a sensation of what felt like peroxide cleaning out my cells sort of a releasing of bubbles.

After a few days in I started to notice my feet didn’t hurt as bad and my hands were working better.  I suffer from arthritis sometimes and this product has eased the discomfort of aching joints.

I teach robotics and we were on the floor creating a maze for the kids to make their robots go through.  Normally I wouldn’t even consider getting down on the floor.  Oh it’s not the getting down that is hard it’s the getting up.  I was able to get up with ease and carry on with the class without looking like I was a 1,000 years old.

I also noticed my rings spinning around on my fingers which told me this product is helping me lose some extra pounds.

Needless to say I am impressed with how this product has helped my mobility in walking, plus my hands are working much better without arthritic pain and my energy level is higher.  I didn’t tell my boyfriend Mario I was taking Isagenix and he even noticed how much better I was walking and feeling.  Now he wants to get his hands on some.

I also talked about the product with one of my students Mom and she stated that she knows a couple who were overweight and they lost it all using ISAGENIX.



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